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from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the National Institute Of Arthritis And Musculoskeletal And Skin Diseases for the Development of topical formulations for the treatment of burn wound infections

Spokane, WA – November 06, 2012 – Novion Technologies Inc, an emerging pharmaceutical-medical device company specializing in topical antimicrobial formulation development and medical device infection prevention and control today announced receipt of a grant award from the National Institutes of Health (NIGMS/NIAMS). The grant is for new and promising research aimed at the development of novel topical formulations for the control and prevention of burn wound infection.

During this twelve month multidisciplinary effort, Novion Technologies will carry out research in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University (Dr. Dorne Yager) and the University of Akron (Dr. Wiley Youngs). The preclinical research effort is aimed at bringing the technology to a point where a more robust preclinical evaluation can be carried out.

Infection remains the most common and most serious complication of major burn injury. Despite improvements in burn wound management and antimicrobial therapy technologies, sepsis related to the burn accounts for 50-60% of deaths in burn patients today. Sepsis is commonly exhibited as pneumonia, pyelonephritis, thrombophlebitis, or invasive wound infection. The burn wound is ideal for bacterial growth and provides a perfect scenario for microbial invasion that increases with total burn surface area. Microbial colonization of burn wounds, occurs primarily from skin and then enteric flora and is usually established by the end of the first week. Infection is promoted by loss of the epithelial barrier, presence of dead tissue, by malnutrition induced by the hypermetabolic response to burn injury, and by a generalized post-burn immunosuppression due to release of immunoreactive agents from the burn wound. The severity of the burn, degree of immunosuppression, hypermetabolic response, and bacterial loading are significant challenges in burn treatment. Early testing has shown that the new compounds to be evaluated are well-tolerated and can be formulated to be effective against a variety of relevant pathogens.

Formulation and laboratory testing of the new drug formulations will be performed by Novion Technologies at the Innovate Washington incubator facility in Spokane, Washington, after which evaluation of effectiveness will be performed by Dr. Dorne Yager at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Results will be available in mid 2014.

The Novion Technologies team occupies office and lab space at Innovate Washington, a Washington-based public-private partnership with a focus on statewide economic development.

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