Company Overview

Iasis Molecular Sciences & Novion Technologies Mission

Our synergistic mission is to improve patient safety and patient outcomes by advancing pioneering infection-control solutions for the prevention of health care-associated infections (HAIs) and the treatment of complex wounds and associated wound infection. To do so, we will leverage our growing intellectual property portfolio into commercialization partnerships, strategic licensing arrangements, and Iasis Molecular Sciences and Novion Technologies branded products that will provide value added, life-quality improving solutions to at risk patients in the areas of health care-associated infections, wound infection, and subsequent inflammation-related tissue loss associated with burn trauma and abnormal healing.


Iasis Molecular Sciences & Novion Technologies have pioneered and patented a family of technologies aimed at minimizing health care-acquired implantable medical device-related infection, wound infections associated with surgical procedures, and for the treatment of infection(s) and tissue loss associated with chronic wounds and burn trauma. The proprietary antimicrobial agent technologies are of rational design, elegantly simple, and cost effective thus allowing patients of all ages and walks of life to benefit.

Encouraging preclinical testing results have generated enthusiasm that we are on a path to providing value added, life-quality improving solutions for patients requiring implantable medical device therapies, those afflicted by topical infection, inflammation, and secondary tissue loss associated with burn trauma, periodontal disease, and abnormal healing such as with chronic wounds.

Our Story

Iasis Molecular Sciences was founded in 2008 and Novion Technologies in 2011 by Dr. Vachon following the discovery that polysulfonated, water-soluble oligomers and polymers are very effective inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases, such as MMP-8 (collagenase-2) , and high isoelectric point proteases, such as leukocyte elastase (LE) and cathepsin G. Additionally, the capability of these compounds to bind and release (cationic) active pharmaceutical compounds and/or oligodynamic metals, allows for the preparation of Multicomponent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (MAPIs) that can address more than one clinically relevant complication associated with complex wounds. Several of these MAPIs have demonstrated efficacy in addressing polymicrobial infection in a preclinical model of burn wound healing.

In 2010, An extension of this technology led to the development of a family of Multicomponent Active Pharmaceutical Additives (MAPAs) that can be used in a variety of medical device applications. Translation from the bench to the clinic is the current phase of our development effort as we are now looking to CMOs for scale up and refinement of our processes.



Novion Technologies has fostered a number of academic and industrial collaborations related to novel biomaterials, topical therapeutic formulations, tissue repair devices, biosensing, wound healing, and pathogen control as related to medical devices, touch surfaces, and air handling systems.

The Founder

Dr. David J Vachon